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You wanna hear something really sad? I have this headcanon that at some point Marcie’s dad comes looking for her and disapproves of Simon being her guardian. So they get into a huge ass fight and Simon loses, only being left alive because Marcie begs her dad to spare him. 

So he still has the crown on and is slowly losing his memory. Every time he feels himself slipping, he begins to sing the song from Cheers to himself. Forgetting a line or two each time. Eventually he’s lost and alone and starts forgetting simple things like tucking in his shirt or that he wears glasses. 

He starts crying because he can’t remember what he’s looking for but he knows it’s important. So he starts to sing the song again, humming the lines he forgot. But he keeps crying harder because he can feel himself slipping and he knows he’s about to go. And then he just stops and smiles.

Simon’s gone. He’s just a big dumb Ice nerd now.