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Okay. This Game NEEDS to happen. aka A modest proposal.

Okay, picture this story. Somewhere in the DC universe Darkseid is plotting, looking through a device designed to look into other universes, in an effort to find pieces of the anti-life equation. While doing so, he happens to stumble upon the Marvel universe. More specifically, Thanos, who happens to be doing the same thing in a effort to find a new source of power since he no longer has the Cosmic cube or infinity gauntlet/gems. 

While discussing their mutual plights, they decide to strike up a deal. Using their devices, they will open portals to one another’s worlds. Thanos will gather his forces ans Darkseid will gather his. They both go into the other’s universe and with the heroes having no experience with the opposite world’s villain, use this to help each other complete their goals. Since they are pretty much one and the same

Now as a result of this portal being made, several other portals appear in each universe, in different locations. Due to this, several heroes and villains are pulled into the opposite world, having to fight their way through either the marvel or DC universe to get to Thanos or Darkseid, in order to find out what is going on and how to stop them.

Okay, so there is the story. Good yes? Well have you ever played the customizable  dowloadable fighting game Mugen? Think if this like that, but on a console/pc and in a 3 dimensional environment.

First off, who should make the game. A combination of studios should work on this together on making this, so it can be nothing less than perfect.

Ravensoft, the company behind the X-Men legends and X-men origins Wolverine games should collaborate with Netherealm, the company behind Mortal Kombat (2011). They should focus on handling designing the characters, as far as move sets and general roster go. Both have a good history with Action and Fighting games, respectively. While Raven soft has been shown to be able to make very individual move sets for their characters, Netherealm has a great handle on fighting mechanics. And with the new DC fighting game coming out, announcing a game like this would garner a lot of attention from fans of both Comic companies.

Now here is how the game should work. Players should be able to choose whether they want to play through the DC or Marvel story. Once they do this, they would be put into their first match. It would be a three dimensional environment like before and fighting between each character would play like this. Characters would be able to pull off a cadre of kicks, punches and throws with simple pushes of a button and be able to access special moves by holding down the set trigger button in tandem with one of the move buttons. Making for smooth and fluid game play. Once the play has built up their special meter, they can of course pull off a hyper move.

The environment itself would come into play as well. See, basing the environments off of different locations in each universe would allow for players to create different strategies based on landscapes, hazards and what have you. 

Here is the best part. V.S. Mode and DLC. Now when I say DLC, I don’t mean characters that are already on the disc that you have to pay to unlock. I mean newly made characters, that you can download and use to fill out your roster. With this, instead of having to go out and buy a new game, you can just buy a new set of characters every so often and have a whole new way to play. This would also be the same way with locations. Allowing you to download, iconic locations based on events in each universe. So basically you could build your roster on teams, teams up and fights you’ve always dreamed about or just anything you want.

Being able to pit Hulk against the likes of Mongul. Sabertooth against Killer Croc. The possibilities are endless.

The means to make this game already exist, someone just has to get it started. 

In all actuality, this would probably turn out to be one of the greatest fighting games ever created and would be great publicity for both companies. The DLC system itself, allowing for a loyal customer base.

So please. Please. Won’t someone have this came created? DC and Marvel it’s time to squash the beef and just let this beautiful thing happen.

Thank you for your time.